My Belly is Flying

On a recent trip to West Palm Beach Florida I realized after hacking my brain and questioning my body for answers why and how I was experiencing blood and constipation for the first few days.

I went through diligently what I ate and what I drank, the kind of environment I was in, which was of course nothing short of a little paradise and came to the conclusion that I was missing the mark. I did juicing for a day and doubled up on the aloe that I drank and slept and with this my belly was better and so was my state of mind.

However, the gnawing sensation that I was still unsure of how I ended up with these first few days of discomfort left me wanting to know why. So in the effort I broadened my view of what I had done. Ok so here is where it all comes together. I had traveled and traveled a lot! I had gotten on one plane at 5am, taxied in Houston for an hour followed by another plane for another 2 hours, with a total flying time of 7 hours! During this time I did sleep on both planes and I did eat my goodies that I brought with me and had cooked the night before however, it still did not negate the fact that I had been on a plane and was en route for practically a day.

Airplanes offer little comfort to those with UC. First let’s talk space, it’s not as if when you are feeling badly and want to stretch out you’re really going to get far with the seating capacity of the average jet liner. Then the bathroom, hum, that usually means waiting in line or hoping that you are not staying in there to long creating a line outside not to mention the number of times you are expected to visit the bathroom. Here are a few tips to make this whole experience a bit more comfortable for you and your belly.

1. Choose a seat: I guess it goes without saying but getting an aisle seat is paramount, no one wants to deal with having to say sorry, or excuse me each time you have to go to the bathroom, make it comfortable for yourself and choose the aisle.

2. Bring your goodies: As I have mentioned before it is so important to bring food that you can eat. My entire carry-on is practically filled with food. I like to double up on things that are easy to carry and I always bring a bit extra just in case you’re left taxing on the runway for an extra hour or so or your just plain hungry.

3. Carry your meds and vitamins: I never check in my vitamins and medication and I can’t tell you the number of times this has proven to be a lifesaver. It’s just too risky and it’s not worth it. I also make sure to bring an extra day or so worth, just in case.

4. Bring a comfy pillow or a flat water bottle that if you need you can blow up and use to comfort you. Place it anywhere you feel a bit uncomfortable.

5. Stay hydrated: Carry your extra empty bottle and fill it up on board, tell the flight attendants to give you the whole water bottle, or if it’s too much trouble just make sure to buy a few bottles before boarding the plane. They are very busy and it’s hard to get flight attendants attention when you need which could be more frequently than they are available for.

Having constipation and feeling bloated I have been told is normal when you have UC and are flying. So don’t get too worried if you do. Also the blood may come and that for me is just a sign that I indeed had a bit of back up and pressure on my abdomen for way to long. I love to travel and flying is not uncomfortable especially when you can be prepared for what your belly might need. So stock up and get to flying, there is a big world out there and you are geared up for checking it out! Let me know how your latest flying adventure went for you and share your tips too!

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