Aloe vera for ya!

I have been taking Aloe Vera for many years. I used to just take it when I felt like it, which was ever so often. Aloe vera’s importance has been handed down to me from my background. My father is Jamaican and it is very common for aloe to be used by Jamaicans.

Everything from a cut on your leg, a sore, having a discomfort in your belly aloe has been a substance that I have learned will heal it. Now I use it every day. Each day I take 2 oz of aloe juice twice a day. It is soothing when it goes down and I can feel that it is doing well by me. When I feel discomfort and can sense that my bowels are not doing well, I increase my intake of it. I don’t change the dosage each time but I do add it into my day more frequently.

It’s important to note that when choosing an aloe vera company to make sure it’s fresh and as raw as possible. As always make sure you include it in the list of supplements you take when you go to your doctor so you can be sure you are all on the same page. Hoping aloe vera finds its way into your hands and you gain some benefits from it as I have. Much health and happiness to you sip away!

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