Make the Choice to Lead a Beautiful Life

Today I listened to a wonderful lady speak about beauty and the importance of recognizing beauty in our everyday lives. Expanding the concept of beauty she talked about how to find the beauty in the cracks and crevasses of our life. The idea is that there will be many times when our lives will present themselves with difficulties, pitfalls and points that seems endlessly unappealing. The key is to acknowledge these moments and then start looking for the beauty, cultivate it. It is similar to the idea that “Happiness is a Choice” the same applies, living a “Beautiful Life is a Choice”. These difficult moments will be inevitable, they come just as the weather changes without notice like a storm of clouds suddenly covering the sun lit sky, and only when they become apparent to our naked eye do we then appear to be caught in the storm. But there is reason for the storm, it is purposeful with intention and in that it has it contains the beauty we must be willing to embrace. Here are some simple ways each day to recommit yourself to a Beautiful Life:

1. Complement Beauty- wherever you go and see it, say it out loud or to yourself but acknowledge it openly.
2. Praise Beauty-find ways to pay tribute to beauty, create the space in and around you that reminds you of beauty,
3. Make a decision to want to live a beautiful life- make the choice as simple as you choose what to wear for your day, make it an everyday choice.
4. Practice it!- make up your own mantra and say it repetitively, it can be as simple as 3 min a day when you are in the mirror “I see the beauty in you”.

So welcome to this beautiful party, called life! Share a beautiful moment you had in your day today and let’s keep the party going!

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  1. Rita says:

    So much info in so few words. Totsloy could learn a lot.

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