Almond milk eggnog

Yup I know the holidays are over but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to still savor in the moment and the flavor of the season.  My holiday festive spirit takes me through January and I really only come full circle out of it when I go to the next public place and find that hearts have taken over where tinsel used to be.

So to continue with it in mind and body I do my best at giving myself and those I love treats to keep us jolly and remembering what a nice time the holidays can be.  I do so with yup, you probably guessed it…food!  So this past week I found myself wanting something to sip on that was creamy, delicious and comforting as I headed upstairs to pj land and a movie.  So I turned to what has become my boyfriend’s requested beverage for the holidays: Almond milk eggnog!

Now of course there is no egg in this recipe but there is the delicious almond milk and with the right seasonings you’d swear it was eggnog, or at least smell, taste and seem eggnogish enough  that you could serve it and have people lap it up with their lips asking for more.To get the noggin in the right or wrong place however you see it, my boyfriend adds a dash of liqueur.

So here is the receipe:

  1. Almonds-soaked and sprouted is best to make the milk easy to digest for us UC and CD belly people, but it’s pretty easy going down either way.
  2.  Then place in blender with water, drain almond pulp and there you have it.
  3. Almond milk to pan- place almond milk in pan on low heat.  Be careful as it can kind of curdle if you let it sit too long; remember this is fresh stuff so it responds to heat pretty immediately.
  4. Stir-as you stir the milk, begin adding spices. Any of your choice would work; think warm, cozy, comforting, rich, sweet.

Here are my top choices:

  1. Nutmeg (grated from clove)
  2. All spice
  3. Stevia-for a little sweet bite
  4. Ginger powder- this gives it a little kick, and a little goes a long way.
  5. Cinnamon-I add this last once I ladle it into a cup so I can really taste it.
  6. LOVE-this is essential to it tasting just right!

So continue on in the holiday spirit and keep your belly warm with sweet treats that make you and your belly happy on a cool winter night and cozy up with some Almond milk eggnog.  Enjoy the season!

5 Responses to Almond milk eggnog

  1. Glad to read this blog! Keep it going!

    • Olga says:

      Love your blog! I love the header and the way your posts are irtnnestieg and easy to read. Wish I could blog like you. Great work.

      • safara says:

        Thanks Olga for your comment. Blog about what you know, blog about who you are
        and I am sure you will resonante with others.
        Keep enjoying.
        Welcome to the community

        In health,

      • Shan says:

        Love this easy recipe. You can add crueshd ice to make an Egg Nog Smoothie too for the kiddies who like the smoothie’ experience too.Great post!

        • safara says:

          Ya Shan, great ideal a little crushed ice would really be nice and kiddie smoothies that taste good and are good for you are always yummmmm
          Thanks for your comment, will look forward to more.
          In health,

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