Tips for Inventory: Seasonal Changes

Good day Health Trekkers,

Aw yes the season of the transitioning energy, always guaranteeing a new experience.  I hope you are all soaking in the rich heat of the sun into your every being to store up for the coming changes.  It has offered many of us on the East Coast a new appreciation for seasonal changes and temperatures in our regions as this year has been particularly warm.

With these last few weeks of the season and the beginning of September many of us are finding the movement of energy and people to be more active.  Preparations are underway for kids returning back to school, settling in from vacations with summer gatherings and taking time to restock and re acclimate to the routines of our daily lives.  To support oneself during this time it helps to take inventory.

Taking inventory in mind, body and spirit to what creates balance for you.  Here are ways I explore these areas:

1. MIND:  Scattering energy can often be in full swing with this transitional time.  Our energy forces are struggling to contain the yin (expansive) energy within balance of the yang (contracting) energy.  Restless sleeps that come to us are unexpected and find us questioning, ruminating and seeking peace of mind.  We do ourselves good to not take it all too seriously.  Take a step back.  Understand these energies are in motion and appreciate them for what they are.

2. BODY:  We can support our bodies with foods that create balance.  Foods that are attractive to us in these warm times are often cooling or cold.  We can make good choices away from sugary, sweets, alcohols and starchy white potatoes to supporting these cravings in foods that are in abundance in the end of our summer season such as pears, cucumbers, white corn or sweet cabbage and cool ourselves with herbal infusions of peppermint or drink  green tea. Foods that complement our yang without the extremes of meats, chocolates and deep-fried foods, eggplants, avocados that are highly contracting often abundant with summer heat energy to more warming food choices to meet this yang energy.  Foods like fish, egg whites, rice and noodles and spinach.

3. SPIRIT: Taking inventory of our spirit can often come by taking the space for creative joy.  It is a sacred and healing place that in the words of Joseph Campbell, whose works was recently re-introduced to me shared “Art is the set of wings to carry you out of your own entanglement.”  To take ones creative-self seriously and deliberate make space for your spirit to come alive through the artful expression of yourself however that may appear to you supports your mind and body to wellness.  Look about your life, see where your spirit is called for your wings to take flight.

May your inventory of yourself in this transitional time provide keen insight to help prepare your new season to come.

In health,


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