Emotions and Your Organs in Season

Good day Healthy Trekkers,

I hope the fall season has met you kindly.  We are into October and with that the full season of the large intestine and the lungs meridians are most needing our support. The lungs meridian references to the lungs and the skin, while the large intestine sinus, throat and bowels.


Along with this are emotions like grief, sorrow and letting go are dominant. 

With letting go for example, think of the trees, how they are in the process of shedding, the changes they are undergoing from their bright colors vibrant and alive that will give way to their darker tones as they fall to the ground and they spontaneously let go and fall.  The trees don’t control what sheds, it’s a part of their cycle of change and growth just as we. I have been seeking nature in my own solace to understand this and it has helped to accept the processes and find ways to be more at peace with the cycle.

This season, Metal energy in Chinese medicine and grief is the emotion of this element loss, separation.  Grief as hard as it is to be with takes the body through challenges as we are often not prepared for its arrival or experience of it in our everyday lives.  It can be triggered by past memories or be concurrent with what is happening right now.  When we block the energy of metal to flow how we express grief becomes imbalanced and disbursed to myriads of circumstances.

How grief, sorrow and letting go manifest in our body ebb and flow with what is present in our life. 

How well we are able to adapt to changes in our lives will likewise be effected at this time.  We may be finding ourselves feeling depleted while experiencing challenges to how we manage new circumstances and our abilities to function with concentration and focus.  Our large intestine may require extra support in its function of elimination to support letting go what is not necessary to store and lessen the pains, bloating and discomforts.  Our lungs with each inhale and exhale are gateways to inviting more breath and energy flow, deeper breathing exercises, pranayama and walks in fresh air to support the stagnation, congestion and coughs and allergies that may be present. In general, extra time to rest, calm and slow down your activities while lessening distractions.

I am recognizing in my own experience lately of how acutely these interrelate in the body-mind seasonal changes for balance.  A key factor I am identifying is our neurological connections ie. patterns of thoughts, the fight, freeze or flight response and deepening the awareness of this through body-mind support practices with guidance and affirmations, yoga and meditation while inventorying my own experience.

I am in the beginning stages of this discovery and hope to learn more.  Will share to this in more detail in coming blog post and support suggestions and resources in community.  For now consider what this season is bringing for you in these areas and see how you may be able to support this process more fluidly in your own life can go a long way to restoring health.

In health,


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