Louise Hay’s has a wonderful book “You Can Heal Your Life“.

It’s a series of chapters with exercises to practice and learn more about how your mind and emotions affect your health and how to address them. In one of the chapters is a list of alignments with emotional/mental connections associated with these symptoms.

For ulcerative colitis Ms Hays speaks of forgiveness. Forgiveness for what has happened in the past and acceptance for that which has occurred in your life. This is an important point from which I find myself looking introspectively at the relationships I have had and what memories and feelings I have kept with me as I have continued with my life.

Each of us has experienced things in our past that have caused us pain and have left scars on our sense of safety and security about our future. Some of these experiences have given us a chance to make changes about how we relate to others. They have been blessings in disguise.

This is how I approach UC. Having UC has allowed me to slow down and look back on my life and see how and where I have harbored resentment or kept feelings that have been left unaddressed. Opening myself up to these feelings have been healing.

As I have worked to forgive myself for that which was not within my control, I realize that each of us needs to keep forgiveness in our hearts to truly be free and live freely. I hope this resonates with you and you find a sense of peace with your past and forgiveness in your heart.

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