Hemp Milk

I can’t say enough about the importance I have found in having a good protein source that is readily available and easy to make. That’s where I turn to nut and seed milks.

I have a hard time digesting nuts and seeds in their full form. But nut and seed milks go down nice and smooth and you can mix in whatever you want to make them nice and taste.

Sprouting nuts and seeds before you do anything with them is highly recommended as they make them easier to digest. Nuts sprout at different rates so planning ahead is necessary to ensure you have a good amount to work with.

A quick way to get some milk for use is through the use of hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are an incredible protein source. They have a full profile of amino acids and are so tasty. In addition you can’t beat the convenience. When I am on the road I take them everywhere.

Here’s what you do with them in 3 easy steps:

– Take a heap of hemp seeds (1 -2 tablespoons)
– Add water 1 cup or 2 depend how thick you like it
– Place in blender

That’s it!

I add some nutmeg, cinnamon and stevia at times for more flavor. Its also a great base to add to your protein shake. Hope you find yourself sipping on cup or two in your day. In the cold weather find yourself a comfortable spot, a good book and a cup to enjoy to warm you up.

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  1. Rebecca Rapoza says:

    Do you soak/sprout the hemp seeds before blending them?

  2. Rebecca Rapoza says:

    I haven’t tried it yet… But another question for you: my daughter and I just got back from HHI. She has ulcerative colitis and we heard about you there! :). Do you have any ideas for very easy to digest meals/recipes–things that helped you in the early healing stage? She is 11 years old and in need of some variety, but still not digesting raw veggies well. Thank you!

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