Grieving: Body Constricts- Constipation

From the title alone I can see that a few readers will opt out of reading this post.  However I will hope that for those who find themselves with this uncomfortable state it will be of benefit.

Recently my family suffered the loss of a dear loved one.  As many families do, we gathered to commemorate her spirit and honor her life.  Addressing the emotions surrounding the passing of her spirit were full and have taken many of us down pathways through our hearts that have been hard.

In processing this pain, some have sought refugee in each other while others have had to bear the weight of their emotions and keep them, while they tended to others in their need.

It is not unusual to find ourselves in the help mode when we are in the process of grief.  Often we become more busy and attentive because the last thing we want to do is stop, and feel.  Our bodies can sustain this for a period of time until it reaches its maximum point and needs to be tended to. In circumstances such as these it is often the case that our bodies constrict.  This act of constriction is a form of protection in some ways but also an unwillingness of us to let go to what we do not want to accept in, our grief and pain.

When we find ourselves constricted in our bodies symptoms can be seen in for example our bowels.  The intestines become less elastic and dry with this the movement of our bowels becomes less frequent and we are more likely to find ourselves constipated.

Constipation can be very painful and require medical attention if not treated.Always see your doctor for this discomfort.  There are a few at home remedies that can help you.  Depending on the nature of your constipation the helpful aids vary.

General Relief:

But some general relief can be felt by avoiding all white breads, rice, pasta and starchy foods to begin. Replace these with brown rice.  Chew slowly and effectively with a quiet setting, ensuring your meal time practices are done with mindfulness.  Adjust your oil content of your foods. Oils such as flaxseed and sesame can help to lubricate the intestines and move along the stool that has been logged.  Take time to rest and relax with a hot water bottle on your belly.  Comforting soothing baths that allow you to relax are always helpful.

Here are a list of some foods that help with constipation:

Lubricating: pear, prune, walnuts, almonds, carrot, cauliflower, beet, spinach, seaweed.   For any of the fruits, stew and soften.

Bowel Movement Promoting: sweet potato, asparagus, fig, bran from rice, cabbage

Flora-enhancing Foods: miso, sauerkraut, chlorophyll rich foods, acidophilus

I hope these can be helpful.  Practice exercises such as yoga and walking.  Take time with yourself to address your emotional grief along side of these helpful hints.   Ultimately it is there where your comfort will be most felt and in combination will attribute to the betterment of your health.

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