Cleansing with Change of Season

The sun is in its fullest as are we with the wonderful feeling that comes from a summer of warmth.  Here in the Berkshire County of Massachusetts it has been  a beautiful season.  We are still in the midst of what feels and looks like summer and each of us seem to be taking time to relax and enjoy ourselves before the season’s end.  This time of year is called late- summer.  During this time of year we feel the strength of the summer heat while beginning to notice a few changes that come as we near Fall.  Perhaps your nights have become a bit cooler, a few leaves can be observed on the ground or the daylight may look a little less intensified as night approaches a bit more quickly.

With these seasonal changes it is a good time to begin to look at what we are eating and how we can prepare for a new season to begin.  We are in transition and so should we accommodate our  palates with a combination of what is readily available in the fresh markets while cooking batches of what can put our body at ease.    Here are some tips for cleansing and preparing our body during the change of season.

1. Farmers Market- Attend your local farmers market and see what is coming out of the ground during this time of year in your local area.  Make good use of these fresh vegetables.  Around here we find a lot of zucchinis of many varieties.  If you find yourself overwhelmed with your own garden batch, invite a friend over and prepare some zucchini to store for the colder season.  You could make a zucchini pie with other vegetables, or a zucchini bread, you might decide to cook them up and puree a batch for a nice soup.

2. Selecting your vegetables/foods with consciousness- Take time to hold the vegetables and foods you find in your hand.  During a seasonal change we may find ourselves a bit uncertain about what to eat because our bodies are in the midst of change.  We due ourselves a great service to help our bodies by checking in.  Ask yourself questions while they are in your hand that will give you a sense of whether this selection is right for you.  “Does this make me feel balanced?  Can I gain strength from this?”  If you get a message that leaves you still unknowing, accept this ambiguity and let it be.  Pause and reflect.  Choose with a sense of understanding that you and nature are in a dialogue; a continuous process of healing exchange.

3. Foods for Balance in Seasonal Change- There are foods for which will naturally be beneficial for the organs of  the body.  Late Summer  the spleen/ pancreas and the stomach are most in need of support.  We can help these areas of our body by choosing to incorporate foods that will strengthen these organs.  Foods to incorporate into your diet during this time that may be helpful are grains such as millet and vegetables that are compact and round with a natural sweetness to them- turnips, cabbage, onions, rutabaga, pumpkin.   These are always pretty readily available year round and are always a good way to transition into another seasonal change.  Sweets that are derived from other sources like honey and tropical fruits stress these organs during this time, although a few local fruits eaten occasionally are encouraged.

4. Take time to look at your cupboards- Take some time to look at your cupboards.  Summer is a season when we do a lot of activity and often eat outside, in restaurants or on the go.  We may have stocked up on foods that allow us to be mobile and provide us with easy to prepare meals.  We may want to look and see what we can start to bring in and take out of our cupboards and fridge that will lend ourselves to having a bit more time at home preparing a meal or two.  Replace these foods with what may allow you to bring your senses into the kitchen more and create this space with the energy of your senses alive from the summer of fresh produce you have enjoyed.

May you find yourself on a continuous journey of discovery as you enjoy the late-summer.  It is all a wonderful opportunity to engage with your body and spirit as you pause, evaluate and prepare to welcome in the next season change.

In health,


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