Reaching Out: A Healthy Act

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Good day to you all on this beautiful summer morning.  Wherever you may be right now taking this very moment with me as you sit and read this blog, I thank you.

Today’s blog is expressed to encourage us all to reach out to others in our journey of health.  When we are on a health and healing pathway a lot of what we begin to experience is unknown to us.  These physical and emotional sensations are often unpleasant as the result of the changes that are occurring.

In response, we often find that we gravitate inward.  We may physically do this by way of confining ourselves to our homes or resting place.  Emotionally our minds and hearts can feel overburdened by what we are experiencing and expressing ourselves becomes less frequent or under extreme duress we may shut them off completely.

I’d like to encourage us to consider reaching out as an  act of compassion and kindness towards ourselves that maintains a healthy life.

Growing Relationships

When we take the steps to allow others to become a part of the healing we are creating openings for our relationships evolve and grow.   This is important to not just ourselves but others in our lives.  We are inviting them to participate in our life in a way that extends the boundaries of our relationships to include more intimacy.  This requires a degree of trust.  For each of us this barometer is measured on an individualistic basis.  What is important is that we seek in our relationships to build such trust.  We make it a goal and reflect on it as an intentional act to further create a more loving community amongst us.

Consistent Awareness of Others

The healing journey that we take towards improving our health is ongoing.  When people ask me what path in my healing journey I am on I say continuous because I believe there is no beginning and end.  The journey is each day and how I greet the day and create that experience is a measure of my health.  What I seek is to maintain a consistent awareness.

Each day that we meet ourselves on our healing pathway we encounter others who in little and big ways have nurtured our well-being.  It can be as simple as the kind person who bagged our groceries that we have not brought home to cook a meal to sooth our bellies.  This simple act of kindness creates your day.  It defines how you feel and how you feel directly affects how well you receive healing. By being aware of this we become more conscious of others and the role they play in our lives.  This act is a performance of health.

Reaching Out Creates A Safety Net

Our communities are extensions of ourselves.  When we build a loving and supportive group of people to surround us we ensure that when we are taking care of ourselves and each other.  This becomes a “safety net” that in times of difficulty can be very helpful.  We may not want to reach out to others for fear that this expresses our vulnerability and that they may know we need them but we can address this by looking within.

We can reverse the scenario and ask ourselves if they were in need would we want to be there?  With each person that we invite to become a part of our “safety net” we in turn become a part of theirs.  The net is only as strong as each person is willing to give and take; we need both to live in health.

I hope these reflections encourage you to consider your community and the opportunities that exist to further reach out and open yourselves to others.  May you do so in health.

Below you will find a Health Tip.  I might begin to include these in the blog or create a separate page.  Any feedback on this is welcomed.

Health Tip: Take a moment to enjoy a few deep breaths with a long exhale.  You can further encourage deeper relaxation by holding one side of your nostril the left for example as you inhale.  Then count to 5.  Exhale opening up the other right nostril  while closing the left.  Repeat this exercise 5 times and enjoy the relaxing feeling that comes to you.

In health,



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