Potage anyone

There is a remarkable way to make a healthy and delicious meal, simply and conveniently. I discovered this during a time when I found myself tired, with my belly acting up and my lower abdomen feeling heavy and my body overall fatigued. I was too tired to cook and my body didn’t really want a full meal or any raw food which either felt unwanted to me. What I did want was vegetables but in the simplest form, easily digestible and of course good for me. So I picked up what has now become a staple for my freezer- frozen vegetable mix for potage.

Potage is a fancy French way of saying a soupy mix of veggies blended together and served as a meal. I did this recently and found that my body was able to easily digest the vegetables in this form and it was soothing and warm to my belly which I craved. It was simple and satisfying and that’s probably half the reason why it went over well with me.

Here are the goods:

1. A bag or two of frozen vegetables – a nice preferably organic mix of “Mediterranean” or “Asian” mixed as they call it would be good. I tend to stick to the broccoli cauliflower, zucchini and carrot based mix.

2. Take bag of vegetables and defrost in pan, add whatever herbs or spices you like, some vegetable broth if you like.

3. Remove and add to blender – blend up to consistency you like, add more or less water to make it liquid.

4. Serve with some steamed vegetables that have been prepared separately or not at all.
You can pair your potage with quinoa, millet any grain on the side if you find you are still hungry and need a little more, or just enjoy it, sit back and relax.

Hoping this meets your belly with delight, and if you find a vegetable mix for a potage that really sits well with you, due share, so it can make it to my next shopping list for my potage of the week!

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