New Vision Center for Spiritual Living

In my efforts to find more spiritual teachings and incorporate them into my life, my dear friend Katharine introduced me to a wonderful place for gathering called New Vision Center for Spiritual Living.

Located in Scottsdale, this center is easily accessible via the 101 from Mesa. I have begun to attend their services on Sundays and have gained insights into how to further encourage positivity in my life.

Here is one that I will share with you now that I have utilized in the past few weeks. The idea is focusing on the BIG CIRCLE not the little circle in how we visualize our lives. Basically the idea is that when we focus on the little circle we have a tendency to look back on whom we were nostalgically or look to the future with “I wish…” statements that are not based in reality.

They flood our minds and make us feel that our present moment is not what it should or could be so we end up living in idealism and because we don’t have what we fantasize about we feel badly. Rather, focus on the BIG CIRCLE. The BIG CIRCLE brings everything into your experience and does not exclude anything as being what you do or do not want to happen. You accept that each experience in the moment, welcome them and take it all in. Each time you do you are opening yourself up to a larger path to life’s energy and its abundance.

I find that when I think this way I limit myself less and open myself up more and through this I am given the chance to be more creative and opportunistic. I also am less inclined to judge any experiences that I have as good or bad allowing me to learn more about how each experience shapes me.

To learn more about the New Vision Center for Spiritual Living and to find out about opportunities for workshops and gatherings on a variety of topics related to living a healthy life in concert with the universe, visit Sunday services at 11am are put on-line so you can even check it out from the comfort of your home or anywhere you might be in this big beautiful world. Hope you gain some good insights, look forward to sharing in our spiritual awakenings.

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