Mochi- Sweet Rice treat

Mochi “pronounced  Mo Chee”  how cute is that, I just love saying the word even.  I was nicknamed “Mooche” once because I mooched so much food from others, I love to eat!

Anyway “mochi” is a short-grain sweet rice.  Its got a gooey consistency once it is cooked up and chewy texture in your mouth.  A traditional Japanese food, mochi can be enjoyed any number of ways.

BAKED- You can bake it up into puffy brown little pastries that you can top drizzled with a little brown rice syrup and cinnamon.

MELT AS TOPPING -It can also be used as a topping for vegetables of your favorite that you like to create a sweet crust.  Place several cut pieces over your sweet potato, yam or squash to cook.  You will find it now has a sweetened pie-like crust to make it extra yum.

WAFFLE IT- This is the method I choose to enjoy regularly.  Its so easy and who doesn’t like waffles!  Cut pieces into strips and place into a waffle iron.  Press down and create waffle, as you can see from the picture I like to experiment with shapes…like my “butterfly mochi?”  I top this with some apple butter and if I am really feeling indulgent some Amasaki.  Don’t know what Amasaki is…well stay tuned, I’ll recipe it up soon enough!

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