Enhancing Your Iron Intake With Food

Getting ourselves a good dosage of all our vitamins and minerals is what we strive to do each day with what we eat.  If we are aware of ourselves we find foods that allow us to be active and healthy.

When we find they are not enough we might begin to notice symptoms that clue us into the idea that we might try to see where we can do better to get what we need to get ourselves back on track.

If we find that we are feeling run down, dragging, lethargic and perhaps having trouble focusing our minds we might want to see if we are in need of more iron.  A simple blood test can tell you for sure, and your physician may suggest taking an iron supplement.  Look for iron supplements that have “chelate”, “ferrous” and “Vitamin C” on the label.  However to gain the full benefits from iron its good that it be consumed through food for maximum absorption.

In doing some research for my own purposes I have come up with a list of sources that particularly appeal to my tastes and cooking preferences.  Here is a listing of some iron sources ranked from richest to poorest that have found their way to my table:


Lima, navy, soy and kidney beans



Split, black-eyed and green peas

Baked potato




Bok Choy

Butternut Squash




Summer Squash






Factors that can enhance your iron consumption are Vitamin C, other acid sugars and MFP factor.  MFP factor is something which is found in meat, poultry and fish.  Eggs interestingly enough are poor sources; they are poor absorbers due to an inhibiting factor they contain.

So if you find yourself needing an iron boost, refer to your fridge and see if these are in there.  You might just want to hit the supermarket for a little iron enrichment!

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