Versitility of the Rice Cake: 3 Toppings to Satisfy You

I don’t know about you, but I have come to have a few staples in my life as snacks that have become indespensible.  You know those little snacks that you don’t ever leave the house with and when you happen to forget, you find yourself trying to replace immediate with a quick dash into a grocery store.

For me this is the “Rice Cake”.  It has become the snack that has given me the most satisfaction while, at the same time forfilled that insasable hunger that my body needs.  I eat quite often so the need for something that fills me is important.  So you might say, “Rice Cake?”  Well, yes.  However the “Rice Cake” is not eaten alone, although I will do that when needed, but for the most part it is not without its toppings.

“Rice Cakes” are sturdy and portable which makes them great to bring along while serving as a sort of mini-plate for your snack meals.  Here are 3 toppings that have graced my “Rice Cakes.”

1. Hummus- who doesn’t like hummus?! Its satisfying creamy texture along with its salty and richness makes for a great topping.  Its easy to spread and a little goes a long way.  I am careful with my use of hummus as it is a rich food.  I take portion sized amounts with me rather than the whole tub; that way I can keep my belly satistifed while not overdoing it.  Hummus can be made many ways, though I find that hummus without tahini is much easier to digest.

2. Avocado- who doesn’t like avocado?  The avocado is a quick grab and go food.  Its hard outer skin makes it so go for travel and it keeps quite well when you chose it for its ripeness.  You can peel it, dice it, slice it like pear or spread it.  Either way its easy to enjoy.  I top mine with a bit of lemon and sometimes a dash of olive oil which by the way can also be added on top of the “Rice Cake” for richer flavor.

3. Mashed Beans- who doesn’t like beans?-well maybe some of you! Beans made from the night before or day of can easily be reused.  They are great warm or colder and can be a great way to get your protein on the go.  Taking the time to season them the way you like them and leaving them to marinate ensures their added flavor.  This topping on a “Rice Cake” will give you a full meal feeling.

And heck, if you really want to be satisfied take all three topping with you and you will be set for the whole day.

Hope your “Rice Cakes” are giving you the satisfaction you crave on the go and let these toppings be an additional bonus to your snack time.

In health,


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