Veggie Bean Rice Burritto

I’ve been enjoying the act of eating with my hands lately more than ever.  The idea of having all the delicious flavors of a meal come together in one bite that goes into my mouth with my hands seems soothing to me.  To facilitate this I have relied on the wonderful tortilla.

The tortilla is a easy and versatile food that can be used to make the most wonderful of portable entries.  I have been enjoying the use of the tortilla to wrap up the meals that I create and enjoy them.  The tortillas that I use are rice tortillas, however there are many varieties including; corn and wheat.

Here is a simple and easy recipe for Veggie Bean Rice Burrito that rocked my world.

Beans- Any kind will due; check your taste buds for what interests you.  What I used was aduki beans.  These can be cooked easily with basil or parsley, garlic and some shoyu or Braggs for salty taste. I mash mine so they are easier to digest after soaking them overnight and cooking them in plenty of water.

Rice- I used sticky white sushi rice combined with brown rice.  I left it unseasoned.

Vegetables- A combination of vegetables is a nice way to have variety of color, texture and flavoring. I used zucchini, yellow squash, butternut squash.  I cooked these with onions and scallions with a little shoyu for salt.  The addition of dill seasoning is nice.  I also enjoy adding a dab of Veganase dressing to give it a bit of a creamy feel.

Mix the rice and the vegetables together, lay down the beans and wrap it up!

You got yourself a meal that will really satisfy.

Hope you find your hands wrapped around a nice burrito of your own making too.

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