Film Review-“The Intouchables”- Full of Heart

You ever watch a film and just can’t stop laughing and feeling alive from every interaction between the characters; such is the case with a wonderful French film entitled “The Intouchables.”  You can view a preview of the film here.

The film has a wonderful cast with might I say a most adorable sexy leading man, Omar Sy who plays Driss as well as stars Francois Cluzet.  Francois Cluzet plays the role of Philippe a paraplegic who is looking for a new caretaker.  He is wealthy beyond measure but lacks “life” until he comes upon Driss who changes his world forever.

The film is based on a true story about Philippe Pozzo di Borgo and his caregiver Abdel Sellou who are still to this day good friends.

The story shares of so many themes centered around love, life and the meaning of companionship.  Both men gain from their friendship and their lives are changed forever.

What I took most from the film is how relevant one’s perspective is to one’s circumstance.  When Driss walks into Philippe’s life he does not treat him like a cripple, he treats him like a man.  He does not bow down to his ever need and adds light and laughter by bringing Philippe in touch with himself and the joy of living.

I came away from the film hopeful and inspired to make the best of every day with the appreciation of life itself.  I appreciated that every circumstance has within it a gem of light, an opportunity to build our love for ourselves and the life we share with others.

Hope you enjoy the film as well.

In health,


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