Inviting Others in: Creating a Healing Circle

Today I sit amongst the trees nestled in the comforts of a place I have never been before; an oasis of healing in the western part of the United States.  Here as I sit I am considering the importance of this act of healing that I took it upon myself to create for myself with the support of my family.

I decided that I needed to be in environment that would allow me peace-of-mind as well as my body a chance to regain strength while being in the presences of good-hearted people.  Though I may mention “good-hearted people last, it is by far one of the gifts that I have been blessed with during my stay here that has made a great deal of difference in my healing.  Every day I have been here I have encountered someone in my day; we sit, talk, or just Be.  However we may exchange time, it is together and that has been really comforting.

We can not underestimate the power of human connections to heal.

Prior to coming here, I was spending much of my days without much company to be with as I rested and took care of myself.  When we are faced with having to slow ourselves down and retract from the world around us into our home environments we can often miss out on the “life” going on around us amongst social interactions.  This is an important part of healing to re-engage ourselves.  Though it may be good to find moments of solitude for oneself during the course of your healing as we all need to; it is just as important to share time with others.

It helps to balance ourselves when we make room for both in our lives.

When we invite people into our healing circle we also embrace opening ourselves up to areas of our body and minds that may have been left dormant.  We unlock the doorways that invite humor, laughter, smiles, shared experiences, empathy and connectivity into our being.   When we experience these parts of our personalities again we feel rejuvenated from the inside out.

Those people we share time with are a part of our healing circle.  They are important not just for what they may bring to you, but for what you may have to offer them.  You can be a source of support for their lives just as much as they are for yours.

Don’t underestimate your ability to connect and share in the exchange between two spiritual beings.  When you invite others in, you are being an active participant in your healing process.

So call a friend, go visit a neighbor, take a walk outside and reach out to the world filled with wonderful people that can make your day a really healthy healing experience.

In health,



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