Transformation is Messy

In anything we commit to in life there is a point at which we look at what we are doing and ask ourselves why is this so hard?  We wonder if we are doing it right, if we have made the right decisions to do it in the first place and whether our journey will continue to be filled with up and down hills.

For some reason we tend to believe that a full reward is achieved with a measure of consistent gentle ease.  But nothing can be farther from the truth and this is entirely true when it comes to health.

Focusing on our health and healing requires us to commit to a series of exercises for our mind, body and spirit to achieve lasting results.  In this process we unravel those habits we have formed.  We look at the ways we have spelled out health for ourselves and ask can we choose to find another way?  In this we are committing to a lot of integrated work within which can mean a lot of messiness.

The messiness is hard work.  For health transformations to become lasting it means following a journey of many twists and turns. This can leave us feeling depleted in one minute and exhilarated the next. In our remaining committed to this uneven pathway we accept that the road will be filled with messiness; points along the way that anger and frustrate us and cause us to feel disheveled.

This is a part of the path toward lasting change.  We must open ourselves to it and embrace anything that comes along with it.  Taking this path will ultimately lead to transformation.

Resisting this part of the process can make the path to health and healing longer and more difficult.  Unburden yourself to the need for control of how your transformation happens.  Allow the messiness in and see it as an integral part of your growing process.  It is only by doing so that one and truly find themselves staying on the path of health and healing.

As long as you stay on the path, you can’t go wrong.

In health,



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