“Feel, Deal, Heal”

I had the opportunity to see a Dr Oz interview with a lady by the name of Iyanla Vanzant, her website can be found here.  Ms Vanzant is a spiritual leader who has been for thirty years inspiring people with her words of wisdom, hope and guided healing modalities.  Through her own journey in life, she found her voice to liberating herself with empowerment that helped her through her own healing process and she has been spreading the word on how to do so ever since.

In the interview with Dr Oz,  she spoke of the importance of what she calls “Feel, Deal, Heal”.  She expressed that this is an important pathway to anyone finding themselves on a journey to improving their life, and create a healthy body and mind connection.  This idea resonated with me as to how to approach ourselves and those we love as we care for our health and continue on our pathways.

When we take time to “Feel” we are giving ourselves permission to have those emotions and honor them as part of who we are.  When we allow for them to rest within us they manifest themselves in other ways that had we just acknowledge and allowed them to surface would have presented us with an opportunity rather than an obstacle to our health.  When we find ourselves only wanting to embrace what makes us feel good we create an imbalance.  We honor ourselves more when we take away labels for how we are feeling and just embrace them all.  This way we give equally to our feelings and give our emotions the chance to flow through us effortlessly.

One practice that I have found recently to encourage this is to sit with myself in the morning and allow whatever to surface to come.  Whether its thoughts or feelings that bring me comfort or agitation, doesn’t matter, what I focus on is just feeling them, comfortably in my safe surroundings.  When I do so I see how giving time to my emotions provides the space for me to have them and then let them go.

When we take time to “Deal” we are creating a relationship with ourselves that says what we feel is important and needs to be cared for.  This may mean a conversation with a loved one.  Prior to doing so a conversation with ourselves is often what sets the tone for how we deal with the emotion with them.  If we take the opportunity to be conscious of our feelings and express them to ourselves fully and then share them with those we love, we can be more aware of how we enter into the conversation.  This is not always possible to practice, however what is more important is that we actively engage in the process of opening up our feelings and expressing them.

When we take time to “Feel”, and then “Deal” we are furthering our ability to “Heal”.  Healing is a matter of body and mind.  When we seek to create more of what we would like in our lives we are practicing healing.  When we choose to buy foods that are nourishing to our bodies we are practicing healing.  When we take time to have our feelings and share them honestly we are practicing healing.

Make time to “Feel”, “Deal” and “Heal”.  When you are practicing this in your day acknowledge these efforts and reward yourself with a smile.  You will be smiling all day long!

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    She has been an inspiration for many and a spiritual leader for years (she used to be an attorney too). You can see her on

    Just great story

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