Winter: Tending Your Inner Garden

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As we move gently into our seasonal changes with this month, Winter Cooking is here for us to warm and strengthen ourselves from the inside out.  Winter is a season for supporting our yin energy and quieting our yang.  What does that mean and look like?

Call in Nature

Quiet and stillness is coming to us from deep below the earth and in our surroundings.  We are in a state of change from deep within.  Our energy is drawn within to consider our direction and pathway to birth forward to new light come spring.  What we cultivate during this time is part of what we hope will manifest in the growing season.

We can concentrate both mentally and physically drawing center to strengthen ourselves at our root.  Use nature as a mirror and looking-glass.  The white landscapes the frozen rivers the deep browns and dark hues may reflect your own inner landscape.  Let it be a gift of what you can find through exploring your nature.  We may find ourselves anxious or resistant to this change as fear can come with the darkness of the season.  Light your home with candles and make it a sanctuary to welcome this resting place and allow these feelings to find their space to settle through rest and centering.

Rest and Center

Taking time to rest and relax and find contentment in the stillness.  Daily meditations, mantras moments to sit, write, think and be are calling.  Receive yourself openly with art, drawing, painting, writing or what ever form of narrative you can offer yourself to be in communication with your inner self, take it as an opportunity to express your inner thoughts.

Take up that drawing class you always wanted. As the darkness comes earlier in the day to us, use this time to begin to slow your pace down and physically treat your body to this change through baths, gentle yoga and stretches.  Warmth of a hot water bottle with you in bed can be a daily comfort, especially good for the belly.

I don’t have a bathtub where I live now so I have taken to the local saunas for support.  Infrared saunas are a wonderful way to bring this energy into your system.  They help revitalize your organs and keep the heat deep within your body.

Tend Your Kidney and the Bladder

The kidney acts as a filter for our body but it also helps to shift into the yin energy by bringing flow.  This flow can help us to loosen up where we might feel stiff and need more lubrication.  During the winter months we may feel the pain of joints as this stiffness settles into our body, the kidneys can help bring fluidity to these areas.

Additionally it helps to stabilize the heart and our blood pressure.  The kidney works in conjunction with the bladder. As water is circulated through the bladder  (yang organ) then acts as to filter out from our system the excess sediments from our body.

Working in tandem with the kidney the bladder is an important to self-regulate our system.  To support our bladder and prevent back up fluids, acupuncture and diets rich in healthy water and minerals are essential. This will keep our bladder in good function.

So take time to enjoy your transition into this winter month.  Draw near to what speaks for you to create the sanctuary to invite this seasonal change.  Take in the space as a sanctuary for your inner garden to strengthen and grow from the grounds.  You will reap in much come spring.

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