August Seasonal Fun: 2 Pack and Go & 2 Seasonal Summer Tips

Hi Health Trekkers,
Hope you are all enjoying these last weeks of August.

Perhaps some of you attended the Macrobiotic Summer Conference? I will have interviews with a presenter and a participant to share reflections on the event. I hope this will entice your curiosity. Look forward to this at the next posting.

Meanwhile, it’s still full summer and with such the light, warmth and sun are begging us to enjoy ourselves with as little time in the kitchen and as much time outdoors as we comfortably can.  I know for many of us with digestive challenges this can be a hard way to go.  We want to be out enjoying the weather but don’t know what we can do for portable and easy on the go to while being on the go. We also want safe ways to be outside and enjoy the season.

So here is 2 for 2.

Here are two snacks for pack and go.

1. Hummus:  Hummus can be made by way of boiled or pressure cooked chickpeas.  Add a 1/2 inch piece of kombu to pot.  Place the chickpeas on top and either boil or pressure cook.  30 min timer from when it boils or the steam of the pressure cooker alerts you to its pressure point.  Once they are cooked you can add a bit of umeboshi paste and some olive oil in a blender with the chickpeas.  With the season of herbs we are in you might want to add fresh parsley, cilantro or dill.  Pick from your garden or the farmers market, smell the freshness and see what appeals to you.  A batch should keep in your fridge for 2-3 days depending on how much you make and how often you eat it.  Goes great with just about anything. You can also use it as a spread in roll ups.

2. Sushi: Sure it may seem like sushi with its beautiful presentations at Japanese restaurants seems far from easy for a pack and go.  However, it really is.  Make a batch of sticky white rice.  Once cooled take a spatula dipped in water first to prevent the rice from sticking to the spatula.  Take cutting board and place sushi mat on top and then 1 piece of nori sheet. Spread rice on 1 nori sheet.  You can add a bit of umeboshi paste on top for a little added flavor.  Top with your seasonal vegetables.  You can also use this as a base for pre-cooked and cooled vegetables that you have already made.  at some taste ways to enjoy the bounty of the August month and this summer season.

Its been in full bloom here in the East coast and with such we have also had the opportunity to enjoy a plethora of vegetables. With so many good veggies that are sprouting up with the warmth of the season  look at a few good summer menus from books and see what you can get creative on and make simple.

Here are two tips be safe outside and to enjoy the season

1. Aloe (safe):  We all know the story of being out and about in the sun forgetting our sunscreen and finding ourselves uncomfortably beaten by the heat.  Well to preserve our skin and prevent our bodies from furthering any effects from such, we do ourselves good to pack along a little aloe.  Aloe is an all around great summer and really seasonal natural sun burning prevention.  You can apply it before you go into the sun as a sunscreen and then reapply as you go along during the day.  Internally, I take aloe orally, a 2 oz amount.  Check with your nutritionist on the best formula that is right for you.  There are so many different brands, many contain fillers and other added ingredients you don’t want.  Good digestive aid and cooling to the body.

2. Earthing (enjoy):  During the summer, whether you are close to freshly grown dirt in your yard, in a park, a farm you might pick up your local vegetables or get to immerse your toes in sand at the beach, however any of these are made available to you; get in it.  Walk in the dirt, the sand barefoot and feel the ground beneath you.  There is a term for walking barefoot and getting the good energy of the earth.  Its term is Earthing.  It doesn’t cost a thing, and its as easy as your backyard with grass and dirt.  Wherever you can take off your shoes and walk on nature do it.  You will find yourself feeling in touch with the earth beneath you and the support of such is a good way to ground yourself internally.

So get out and enjoy the summer fun…it wont last forever but it’s here now.

In health,


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