Your Will in Bloom: The Power of Will

Good day to you all,
Hope this meets you with a touch of glee for having a new post to review.  It certainly does for me in creating it.  Great to be back.  With my own experience of the seasons in my life as they have appeared this year, I find myself entering Spring in awe of will power or as I like to say it “the power of will.”

I read a passage from a yogananda guru that spoke of this in a meditation prayer book, …”the will vibration must be stronger than the vibration of physical or mental disease.The more chronic the disease, the stronger, steadier, and more unflinching must be my determination, faith and effort of will.” Paramahansa Yogananda

I reflect on this with my own experience of the power of will and can say determinate that my own journey of dis-ease has taken such a path. In the most chronic and ill-feeling moments of my journey with ulcerative colitis it has been entering a space of grace with myself through a self-determination of my own conviction that has brought me into safety.  This is not a forceful, heavy handed act of using my power of will, but one that moves in rhythm with my being; steady, consistent and yes as Paramahansa Yogananda describes “unflinching.”  There are moments when I loose sight and I find weariness as a companion however; what creates the steady momentum forward is the power of will.  I use the power of will as a sail to catch the winds of change and trust in the direction that will bring me to welcoming lands to heal.  

This process requires a need to restore the strength of my relationship to the self. What I have discovered about dis-ease in walking this path is something that I repeatedly reflect on when in counsel with others managing chronic dis-ease; your connection to yourself, your inner truth, faith is what empowers the acts you take to support your health. It is not the substance, formula, food, supplement, medicine itself- but the practice of using these methods with a deep connection to you. 

The power of will can bloom and grow when such approach is taken. 

Maybe you have seen such beauty in your own discovery of healing pathways. Take a walk in your garden, look at the flowers that have come into bloom from the power of will. Take time to reflect on how you have grown and make some self- affirmations drawing from these experiences. Share them with family and friends and as they reveal their admiration for your determination let it fill you with joy.

Such act is a gentle and graceful approach to supporting your body and mind. Each time we fall into a space of unknowing, fear and anxiety about our state of health, the power to restore the strength to go forward can flower when we root ourselves in our own power of will.

In health,


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