Happy Spring-ish

Hi Healthy Trekkers,

Hope you are all doing well with the season changes. It has been a slow somewhat backwards at times opening to Spring here in the Massachusetts area where I am based. This is in part why when I said RETURN IN SPRING…I didnt write with the first day of spring, March 20th. I really have not been feeling its beginnings in full. Although I am still working on tweaking my website I figured it was best to at least greet you all with my hello and first blog post.

I reflect on this year and my decision to take a break from blogging. For personal reasons as well as the climate of the socio-political changes in our community I found myself feeling completely saturated. My health was affected and so I needed to give myself over to the process of regularly being in touch with myself and this required focus.

It was hard to leave blogging and I needed to reiterate to myself consistently that it was ok as I hoped I wasn’t leaving anyone feeling abandoned. My hope was that there was enough here with my blogs thus far for people to explore and use. I realize I might have lost a lot of viewers to the site but I feel confident that those who seek and return will be the right audience.

Updates to the site will be here and there to pages. You will still get a chance to view my posts as I make changes.

Reminder: Posts are bi-monthly.  However, for the remainder of Spring I will post 1x a month.

So the next blog post:

Sunday, 21st of May

Sunday, 18th of June  (Summer begins June 21st)

Followed there after bi-monthly.

Here is what I seek to include more of:

  • Writing- my own reflections
  • Quotes- inspirations
  • Links- communities that are supporting UC and Crohns and others generally helpful for body, mind and soul.

I will continue to post in the categories as listed:

  • Article & Film Reviews
  • Comfort Remedies
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Healthy Mind
  • My Local Eats
  • Neighborhood Gatherings and Suppliers

Thanks so much for your patience during this time. Will look forward to our continued journey. Please see events page for the upcoming 2017 Macrobiotic Summer Conference, hosted by Eastover in Lenox MA.

In health,

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