Taking time for yourself

I recently had to take some time for myself as I was dealing with a flare. This is not uncommon as I am sure any reader with UC will relate to this need.  You feel like crap, you look like crap and you can barely find your way through the end of the day without feeling like you ran a marathon.
So, its inevitable that you end up spending much of your time just trying to get the basics of your day met.  This leads to a lot of time spent at home isolated from the world beyond the front door.

Beyond the physicality of our circumstances, our instincts tell us that this is where we belong. It calls for us to take time to nurture ourselves, gather ourselves inward and find our way to that safe and comfortable place within. Quiet, nestled and serene environments are common places that we gravitate towards when we need to help ourselves get better.

We should take comfort in the idea that we have this instinct and not punish ourselves out of a sense of obligation to the world to engage ourselves farther than our comfort zone calls for.  Listening to this calling is treating your mind, body and soul with respect.  It is important in this process that we convey to our loved ones this need so that they can support us in our quest while not feeling put out or disregarded at the same time.  I find this conversation is important to my own process of giving me permission to take some time for myself knowing that I can return to my friends and family in a more engaging way when I am ready.

If you find yourself unable to reach out to others and share this need, know that true friends, family and loved ones will always be there so take heart and share when you are ready.  Go ahead and take some time for yourself.  It’s the gift of comfort that you can give yourself and will go a long way towards your healing journey.

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