Raw foodies, Phoenix AZ

I don’t think it will be the first time that you have heard of the power of raw veggies.  It seems in many ways like an obscure revolution of food culture that has taken shape in the past few years as many have become more outspoken and mainstream with their enthusiasm about being “Raw”.

The truth is that eating “raw” has been around for years.  It has found itself a great home amongst many people who have turned to it to improve their health and well-being.  I can say I personally know of people who have given themselves the opportunity to explore the “raw life-style”, and have found that it has been a blessing to their lives.  I say don’t knock it till you have tried it.

However, I do believe in moderation and like anything else that you introduce into your life do it guided with a sense of self and purpose. I find the properties of raw food to be wonder for me.  When I don’t have at least one to two good heap of a serving of raw vegetables each day, meaning filling a main meal of the day, I crave it. Of course this ebbs and flows with how my body is feeling, what kind of bowels I am having and at which point in the life-cycle of a flare or non-flare I find myself comfortably able to enjoy a meal at the table.  But overall it’s an essential part of my diet.

There are a number of ways to begin your journey and the community of “raw foodies” is more than welcoming to those who find themselves curious without a clue of how to get started.  One such way is through Rawfood Meetups like the one here in Phoenix.    I have frequented their gatherings and potlucks and they have delighted me with the company of wonderfully interesting people as much as pleased my taste buds. I still fondly recall one I went to this past year that had me tasting food for hours and gave my body a chance to experience flavor combinations and vegetable medleys that left me wanting more.

Rawfood gatherings are an opportunity to expand your palate and bring home some fantastically simple or challenging ways to bring more raw food goodness to your life. So if you find yourself interested in finding eclectic ways to bring more raw food into your life and want some good company in the process, you might want to check out a raw food gathering in your local neck of the woods.  Let me know how you find your
way through the buffet line.  Quick tip, get there early as food goes quickly and you will want to have your ample sample time!

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