One Pot Wonder, Chandler, AZ

To my delight this past week, my boyfriend and I went out to eat!  It is incredibly rewarding when you’re healthy enough to enjoy a night out.  I
was so happy when we found our way to a lovely spot in Chandler, Arizona for dinner.  Tien Wong’s Hot Pot is a warm and inviting space to cozy up with a nice bowl of soup.  The idea of the restaurant comes from the traditional Chinese hot pot, a large simmering pot of broth, that is kept on
the burner and in which you add the vegetables, meat and seafood to meet your palate.

My boyfriend prefers more spice and enjoys meats, so when we went we got a pot divided in two, which pleased us both as we share, our pot of yum.  The fun comes with adding your own selections while the warmth and pungent smell of the broth seasons your taste buds and delights you.

A great spot for a date night, or for a large group looking to enjoy a meal at a nice long table, sharing good times over some delicious pots of soup.  If you find yourself at Tien Wong Hot Pot, share your pairing of vegetables that you have enjoyed and let us all part-take in the warmth of the meal.

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