Part II Article Review: Boost Your Immunity by Susan Ince

 Happy January to you all.  I hope you enjoyed PART I  and got some good tips you have perhaps already instrumented into your toolbox for health this season.


Here now is PART II: Article Review of  Boost Your Immunity by Susan Ince from Eat Clean Detox Your Body Prevention Guide Magazine December 2015.

Here are Ms. Ince remaining tips 6-10 with my comment on them with digestive specific suggestions.

6. Cut Back on Sweets– Describes how your immune system is suppressed by the intake of sweets.

Gut Commentary- During times when we are under stress from the environment physically or personally we often gravitate toward eating sweets, its normal that we would want a “boost.” However our ability to have optimum immunity at these times is what lessens the severity on our bodies and particularly the gut with our digestion.  You can curb this by adding sweet vegetables to your meals such as carrots, parsnips and rutabaga.  Drink the broth when boiling to turn it into a soothing sweet tea.  In this way you will still get a sweet relief without the spikes and undue stress to the system.

7. Drink Enough Water- Reiterates the need to stay hydrated to reduce symptoms and to keep infections at bay.  Immune cells need hydration to work at optimal level.

Gut Commentary-YES, absolutely important for optimum immune function.  Our intestines need to stay well lubricated in order to absorb and process out secretions.  When we dry out this organ, we experience the symptoms such as constipation and bloating which can aggravate symptoms from infections and compound the issue.  Bacteria in our mucosal lining that will help defend and fight off the infection are supported when we hydrate.

8. Eat Mushrooms- Recommends a variety but specifies the benefits of shitake, reishi and maitake for supporting the culture of immune cells.

Gut Commentary- Mushrooms are powerful immune boosters with their fungal properties.  There are even mushroom teas that are made specifically for medicinal purposes.  As for the effects on the gut what I recommend is to proceed with experimenting one at a time.  Shitake mushrooms are often found when ordering a miso soup, so this may be the most familiar to you.  Use them in soups or combine them with rice or other vegetables rather than making a whole meal out of them.  A little can go a long way.

9. Take What You Trust- Having a psychological belief that a remedy will do you good can help to strengthen its effects.  She suggests looking at your family recipes and incorporating them into your immune building practices.

Gut Commentary- Suggesting to take what you trust is a good heap of advice.  We can do our best to serve our bodies with the natural and health building properties of a number of substances, however we must always trust our gut for our lead on what will ultimate work best for us.  If you have a family recipe for colds and flu season and you want to give it a try to go for it.  I would suggest that you proceed with the intention of it being comforting and loving along side of the other gut benefiting foods you are consuming.

10. Eat More Fruit- Notes from data that was taken that those people who incorporated 3 or more servings of fruits had 25% less days with respiratory symptoms of cold and flu.  Offers their antiviral properties and high vitamin C content as supportive elements found in fruits.

Gut Commentary-Citrus and berries are a great opportunity to build up your vitamin C when you need them.  When it comes to the gut if you have sensitivities proceed carefully.  Too much Vitamin C can aggravate the digestive system and lead to diarrhea if taken in excess.  There are also various types of vitamin C that are taken over the counter that if you are already consuming as part of your gut support adding fruit too may be too much.  A way to incorporate berries and citrus into your diet however is to add berries that have been frozen and made into powder which you can add to your water.  Citrus can be added to vegetables and soups when you cook.

I hope these suggestions and my review are helpful for you as we continue on with the season.  Remember to keep warm especially in your belly region and never forget the power of a good nights rest.

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