Cleansing with Mindfulness

Good day to you all.  I am a week off in my blog, I do apologize as I was traveling.

Here today as I sit and write I find myself awakened to spring in its full beginnings.  We had a late start to the season.  Some of us have had to put off the usual planting season we begin around this time a few weeks later, others have dusted off their sneakers just this morning for a run.

All of us in our own way celebrate the season’s beginnings in how we live our daily lives.  When the weather brings us out of the house and beckons us to breathe in and find our way to our gardens and walking pathways; we do ourselves good to take time for ourselves in mind, body and spirit.  We can do this by engaging in the spirit of the season through mindful practices.

Mindful practices for Spring can focus ourselves on new beginnings.  We may have projects and ideas that have been simmering over the long winter and now may find themselves ready for launch.  Perhaps there is an excursion that we have planned for and the season is just right to put one foot in front of the other and step out.

We do well to pause and to find our center in this act of opening.  Re-establish the place of peace so that we can participate with our full selves.  Just as flowers bloom into the new-found sunshine, they do so in their careful and delicate way so as not to upset their continued growth.  We too are similar in our needs.

When incorporating cleansing techniques into your diet or routine do so with mindfulness of your body.   Take a step back and pay attention to how your body moves from the dormant winter into the energy of spring.  A slow beginning ensures that these new starts will be followed through the season.  Apply a step by step process.

Before starting that juice fast for example, take your week and decide what days would work for such an undertaking.  Do your mornings on Mondays and Fridays have a more easy start to your day?  Do you have some down time in your afternoon on a Sunday when you can begin with one juice and start the week knowing you enjoyed creating new energy to move through your body.  Begin with light greens that soothe and allow for clearing one at a time rather than multiples in one juice.  Apply fruits the same way.  Take care to drink slowly and size your glasses accordingly.

If you decide the outdoors is calling you as I am sure we all will hope to, let the sun guide you outside and pay attention to the temperature and your pace.  Begin with a short walk allowing time to take in the new buds of spring and smell the fresh air is a nice way to open yourself to more.  The pace by which you build the energy of your body to move will be determined by how you start.  Schedule days between for stretching and light yoga.  Pick up the pace as the season opens to warmer temperatures.

Such practices in mindfulness for spring allow for the season to be incorporated into your life at a gradual and steady manner.  It opens the body, mind and spirit to new energy with the care and attention we look to have applied to our lives with the awakenings it brings.

In health,


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