Honoring Yourself With Loving Kindness

Thank you again dear readers for your understanding regarding the late blog.  It is with this in mind that I write today of what is one of many revealing qualities about how I have learned to treat myself in times of great challenges.

When we are unwell and we find ourselves unable to function at the level by which we identify as “normal”, we have a propensity to act harshly and question why we are not able to handle ourselves better.  We berate ourselves, and challenge our notions of “self” asking why we are not stronger, quicker or faster to what we are facing.  We add pressure and lean further into our heaviness adding burden and undue stress.  What are bodies are communicating to us is exactly what we don’t want to hear, “I need help and I need your help most of all”.

Our bodies are complex wonders of which we get just one.  We due ourselves a disservice when we ignore what our bodies are sharing with us and dismiss the opportunity to honor ourselves with loving kindness.

Loving kindness is an act of self -love; its a way in which we can stop and give praise and gratitude to ourselves for all that we have.  We can help our bodies and minds to feel supported when we take time to show love through our verbal and physical acts.

The thoughts we think and the words we choose to share about ourselves give us the power to create change and utilize our energies towards our better good.  When we complete an act of accomplishment and follow this without a moment of praise we diminish what we have done.  If we take our words as strongly of importance as that what we choose to place into our bodies to help us stay healthy, we create the best opportunity for us.

Our bodies register what we say and do in every cell.  Every cell is like a messenger of health, and we can fill it with the best energy we have when are conscious.  When we push our bodies beyond the level of comfort we stress our systems.  Taking time to find out how to treat our bodies with rest, mini-breaks and naps are a good way for us to ensure we keep our balance.

When stressful moments arise, turn to yourself and wrap a big hug and say how much you love yourself; honor the power of loving kindness to heal.

In health,


2 Responses to Honoring Yourself With Loving Kindness

  1. calm says:

    Very profound. We tend to ignore and abuse our body when we are well, and fear of it when we are ill. Neither is balanced view. Body is doing what it is supposed to do minute by minute, and how to integrate body into our life in a balanced, calm, kind and detached view is a practice for us to master.

    • safara says:

      thank you for sharing your thoughts so clearly of which echo what I expressed. let us be grateful for each day as an opportunity to reunite with ourselves in a more balanced way.

      in health,

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