Pre-Fall Season Healthy Beginnings

Dear Health Trekkers,

The beginning of the fall season is in the air here in the Northeast.  Many are hustling about these weeks while enjoying a bit of the crisp air and lasting sun which can be a motivation to get outside and enjoy it while we can.  We can encourage ourselves on daily morning and evening walks for example and engage in activities outdoors for longer parts of our day.

Stimulating our circulatory and digestive system pre and post meals is a great way to keep your body feeling good and promote regularity.  If you are already finding the weather doesn’t bring you to be outside perhaps there are classes at local centers that might interest you.  Bring a friend a long with you and see if you don’t enjoy yourself.

What other ways can we bring healthy practices into our routine as we enjoy these last few weeks of summer and prepare for a new season?

Other opportunities to practice enjoying health may come through your local community offerings.  Find out what is happening in your local area that would allow you to participate with supporting others in their health.  Is there a food pantry in your town that is looking for donations?  Are there schools, churches or community centers that offer monthly suppers.  Maybe you could volunteer and provide a few good healthy tips on preparations.  Perhaps you can provide your neighbor with a meal or two, share a few recipes together.

As part of the pre-back to school time we can begin to look at what we might do this year to keep our family feeling great with healthy digestive supportive snacks and meals.  Thumbing through magazines for new recipes, reviewing vitamins and supplements to your family’s diet along with getting creative inspirations for fun with your kids are wonderful ways to welcome this time of year.

Kitchen care preparation to get the year started is a good way to prepare for the season of indoor cooking fun.  You might take this time to check through your cupboards for items for expired items.  You can clean cabinets of debris and the fridge of unwanted items. There might be new accessories that could spruce up your kitchen with fun.  A new knife set or a few new wooden spoons are always nice.

Whatever you decide to take in for pre-fall season healthy practices, look to see where you will enjoy it the most.  That is where you can be most successful in your healthy pursuits.


In health,



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