The importance of family

As we near the time of giving thanks the importance of family comes to mind as part of my healing journey.  Family can be anyone we choose to reach out to and embrace in our circle of healing.  If we find that this group includes our closest friends and neighbors so be it.

What is important is that you feel a sense of peace and at ease around them, so that at any stage of your healing you have a community to be there with you.  I have recently been more aware of the importance of having such a support network.  My boyfriend and I live in Arizona and we have endured challenges as we sought to find our niche here and reach out with others.

Most recently with the flare I endured this Fall, I found myself speaking more openly about what I was experiencing  with people and asking for my friends to share with me their time, their listening ear and their hearts.  This has brought much comfort to me and renewed my strength as I have healed.  By reaching out to others and asking for their participation in my journey, it allows me to give myself and my boyfriend a larger family of people to share our life with and that makes for an overall healthier relationship.

So if you find yourself cut off from the world and your loved ones as you manage your UC, take a moment and consider an individual that you could reach out to and welcome them into your family circle, you’ll be glad you did and healthier for it.

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