Enjoy Leftovers: 3 Winter Squash Varieties 3 Ways

Enjoying the leftovers after a long season of holiday is part of what we do to keep the festivities alive.  As it comes to a close its a great time to look around our kitchen and in our fridge and see what we can make easy and delicious with the leftovers we have acquired.  Having some leftovers or frozen items can be enjoyed gradually through the course of the season.

Some leftover or frozen roasted nuts and a good base broth and herbs can be applied to any vegetable to add the flavoring we love.  Here are 3 ways to apply these 3 seasonal left overs to 1 type of vegetable- Winter Squash.  Here is one vegetable that I thoroughly enjoy for soothing the belly- Winter Squash.

Types of Squash- Squashes are abundant this time of year.  You can find multiple varieties of squash all with their own unique flavorings. Three types that I particularly enjoy are Butternut, Kombuka and Acorn squash.

1. Baked Squash- Nuts

butternut squash


Baked Butternut Squash With Nuts: Butternut squash is a mildly sweet squash.  It has a soft texture and is easy to use.  Butternut squash can be easily cut up into chucks as its skin is ease to get a knife into.  You can choose to keep the skin on or peel it.  Gather your choice of herbs and seasonings or choose to go plain.  Coat a pan with some oil- choose from sesame or olive oil.  Place squash on pan.  Place in oven at 375.  Depending on your oven it may take 15 to 20 minutes, just check ever so often.  You can choose when you want to add the nuts, they can either be placed in with the squash or sprinkled on top once ready to serve.

2. Squash Soup- Base Broth

kombucha-squashKombuka Squash with Vegetable Broth Soup: Kombuka squash is one of my all time favorites.  It is probably the sweetest of varieties of winter squash.  It has a combination of a nutty and butter flavoring to it.  Simple way is to steam and serve.  You might have a bit of a time cutting it as the skin can be difficult to cut so steaming it is a good way to get it softened.  If you desire just cut and serve from there.  Otherwise make a soup.  Take onions, leeks and turnips combine in a pot and cook with some oil.  Add leftover broth and slowly begin placing other cut up vegetables.  You can add any number of other varieties of vegetables and greens.  Because it’s so sweet I would go with more mild and pungent flavor vegetables.  Take the kombuka squash and add last.  You can blend it or cut it up into chunks.  Either way delicious.

3. Steamed Squash-Herbs

acorn squash


Steamed Acorn Squash with Umeboshi paste & Herbs:   Acorn squash is a mild variety.  It has a somewhat buttery taste to it so applying a dressing that enhances this flavoring is great.   One that particularly imparts the “buttery” flavoring is umeboshi paste mixed with flaxseed oil.  Umeboshi paste can be purchased online and even now in most commercial “natural” food centers. I have picked up some at Whole Foods Market.  Take a small amount of umeboshi paste, a tablespoon of flaxseed oil and whisk that’s it.  You will be surprised at how deliciously buttery it is.  When applying the herb to this mixture and add it in while whisking.  You can also blend it if making a big batch.  Buttery taste go well with just about any herb.  Ones that I particularly enjoy are rosemary, thyme and basil.


Perhaps you have a batch of broth, nuts and herbs  that can easily be defrosted and combined with a squash for a tasty treat. Choose a squash, pick out something to defrost and experiment.  Tis the season!

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