Healthy Living By Non-Doing

Many of us perceive that the act of doing, being in constant motion is the way we demonstrate our active participation in life. We may find that when we are on the go, we feel a sense of purpose. Society also can place pressure on us to create these circumstances in our lives. Much of the social media that we are surrounded with today encourages us to be active with our money, time and energy; doing is an act of living. What we may want to consider is the balance in our lives and how by participating equally in the act of non-doing we create a healthier medium to live by.

Acts of Nondoing- The act of nondoing does not necessarily mean that we are not engaged. Acts of nondoing can be found in the manner by which we approach what we set out to accomplish.   By being conscious of our time, energy and our bodies we can tune into what we need and incorporate a practice that allows us to be more perceptive of ourselves. We may for example take mindfulness practices into our day.

Take for example walking. When we walk we can call into our bodies stillness by paying attention the manner by which we are placing our feet in step. We can center our minds on deliberately making each step an act of consciousness. Being aware of the solidity of our bodies and the connection we are making with the earth.

We can praise the moment as an act of liberation, an expression of gratitude for the ability to be free in our step. If we have the tendency to always run at a quick pace, we can pause an reflect on our mindful walking as an act of being present and accountable to grounding ourselves and being present.

Nondoing can be a liberating act- If we are consistently in motion we may long to find the time and place to allow ourselves to just be. When we take time to sit with ourselves and others and enjoy the moment we are acknowledging the importance of our engagement with one another as much as our energy spent doing for others. We are taking care of our need to rest and relax with the energy that allows us to gain strength and be aware of ourselves.   Non-doing can be a form of exhaling from our day and allowing our bodies and mind to catch up with one another and restore ourselves.

So the next time someone ask you what you are doing, take a nice deep inhale and exhale and say “I am nondoing” and see how you feel. You might just find it was the best part of your day.

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2 Responses to Healthy Living By Non-Doing

  1. amybrownwhite says:

    This is a post that describes me. I have been recovering from a car accident for over a year. I feel wrecked and recently had surgery I HATE THIS CASTE. I guess I don’t see the act of non-doing as an option for me, but by moving too much, being connected too much, I’m giving out energy I do not have to give. I cannot rediscover my passion. I was given a small notebook and was told to write three things for the day. I’ve been doing it for a week now just about and I feel a bit slower and more grateful. I’ll try anything once so here I am.

  2. safara says:

    Amy thanks for your reflection on non-doing. Taking the steps to recognize the energy out and energy in is part of the act of non-doing. Being aware. I am glad that the notebook idea I gave you is a tool you are finding helpful in pace and manner for yourself.
    Keep going.
    with light

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