Courage Anew

Good day to you.  I write this entry atop a mountain surrounded in a valley of beautiful auburn, golden yellow and bright pint hues of the autumn season.  The changing colors of the leaves that I have witnessed over the past week has been one of the most beautiful I have had my eyes be blessed to see.

I have sat with my computer, facing a large window overlooking the trees and watched the trees slowly sway and as they do the leaves hold to their branches until then fall in their own dance making their way to the ground.  When I step outside thousands are beneath my feet.  Some whose colors are still vibrant and others with spots of brown and black.   I can not help but reflect on how each leaf is natures reflection to what we all experience as part of life: change.

Nothing stays the same.  Change is always happening.  Each leaf describes so beautifully what we are all experiencing internally and externally as we engage in life.  We are changing.  We are transforming from one phase of “self” to another all the time.  Not a day goes by that we are not in some little and small way no longer the same as we were the day before.

From our cellular level our bodies are in a constant process of renew and decay, of revitalizing and shedding, of building and breaking down.   It is a natural part of our processes as human beings just as much as other matter of life.  So how can our acknowledgement of this inevitability inspire us into a new day?

We can take this reality and use it as a catalyst to say to ourselves that as much as this moment of our lives may seem so very really and feel as if it defines us it doesn’t.  We can renew our passion to seek out life within the stages of our physical and mental challenges and declare ourselves in a constant state of change.  We can use this as a form of liberation and declare ourselves free of whatever imposed or self-imposed description of our state of being may be limiting our vision and ask ourselves to reflect anew.

When we do so we are acting with courage.  We are taking ownership for our own happiness whatever we may face.  This form of processing can be done in little ways.  Perhaps its taking the opportunity to write a short bio of who we are and highlight what makes us proud of ourselves.  It can be a purge of things collected, items that no longer serve us towards our greatest good and open space in our physical environment.

It may be as simple as choosing a different word or phrase to describe yourself on that very day you have a meeting with someone who is asking about you.  Whatever form it takes, make it be something that personalizes to you this reflection- that you are accepting of change and welcoming of it and within this you are declaring your ownership of this inevitability as an opportunity to redefine your self.

Life is full of opportunities to give ourselves a courageous new start.  Change is growth, change is an opportunity to enjoy the dance and experience each day with a stronger appreciation for ourselves at every stage of our development.

So take change to heart and make it your own, choose to act with confidence and courage about this moment of your life knowing tomorrow will inevitable be completely different.  You are ever growing, ever changing.

In health,


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  1. Mom says:

    Oh my I love the way you share and express yourself LM

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