Trade the Blue Chips for the Kamut Puffs

So it’s a familiar story to you all, you know. You find out oh perhaps there is a treat that everyone else eats, that is yummy and crunchy, a snack food that I can enjoy when I am hanging out and just want to veg out and munch away. I think that those with celiac disease probably related to this quite regularly too as they search for eatable and tasty treats.

So my adventure began with what I thought was going to be my next best snack! I read and learned about the benefits of blue corn tortilla chips, how they were better for you than regular corn chips and were on one of the O.K. list of snacks for Hippocrates. Not to mention that they were actually tasty, portable, a great accompaniment to have along with you when you want to grab something to snack on the go.

How delighted was I about this? Ridiculously! I bought a bag of no salt organic blue corn tortilla chips. I dove in. I began slowly eating a few at a time until one of my favorite tunes could be heard “crunch and munch, crunch and munch,” thinking to myself, yes this is heaven! But, then it didn’t take my body to respond to my delight and tell me the joy ride was over as I found myself experiencing the gas, the bloating and a bit of blood on the wipe- UHHHHHHHHHHHH. I would have loved to keep our relationship going but as you know when your body says no, it’s for a good reason and I have learned to listen, finally.

So with a pout I passed on the chips to my boyfriend and traded them for what has become a wonderful snack, the Kamut Puff cereal. It’s fantastic! They are my treat for the movies! So while others are busy digging in their gallon size bags of buttered and salt melted popcorn, I am pulling out my tuppaware and yup, you guessed it happily repeating a favorite tune “crunch and munch, crunch and munch,” while I enjoy the movie sit back and grin thinking yes this is heaven! There are several brands of Kamut cereal. One that I seem to buy often with a relatively cheap price point is Arrowhead Mills Puffed Kamut. The other brand I like is [Natures Path Kamut Puffs][2]. Try some and see if you find yourself humming a tune of “crunch and munch” too!

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